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Meet Personal, Scholastic, or Corporate Objectives

  • Learn Spoken and/or Written Language

  • Understand Culture & Customs

  • Explore Japanese Arts

  • Customized, Unconventional, Hands-on Learning

Children can play with many hand-carried toys, books, souvenirs, and learning tools from Japan.  Discover Japanese anime and manga;Sing in Japanese; Make Japanese Food; Have Plays and Puppet Shows; Play Games; View Japanese Videos; and Learn How to Use a Japanese Potty :)

Why Take Japanese?

  • Japan is cool.  Even though adults don’t always realize it, youngsters think it is a cool place.  So, support your child’s curiosity about the world and encourage their learning another language!
  • Gain understanding of the World, Japan, and the U.S.
  • Increase Intercultural Competence and Learn to Have a Different Perspective and  Function Well Across Cultures
  • Learn the Language of the Third Largest Economy in the World
  • Increase Standard Test Scores and/or Stimulate Your Brain and Its Neural Pathways
  • Article About Reasons to Learn a Foreign Language:

Michelle Haney Brown  cell 512.796.6314 (Texas, Central Standard Time)

Michelle Haney Brown has released a japanese instruction book for children : ‘My First Book of Japanese Words: An ABC Rhyming Book’. It is available on amazon here:

Also, get the latest app by Michelle Haney Brown: ‘Japan Count’, an instructional app on japanese counting:  View in App Store